Finding open content

A major effort among many of the world’s museums has lead to the concept of ‘open content’ – “Open content describes any work that others can copy or modify freely by attributing to the original creator, but without needing to ask for permission.” (from Wikipedia)

To help find such content, as well as actual public domain content (that out of or without copyright)

Sotheby’s is streaming the world’s best galleries


Step into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tate galleries, or Taiwan’s National Palace Museum from your sofa.

Everyone’s favourite gallery is different. Some people like to peruse cubist sculptures in large minimalist rooms, others like to take in impressionist brushwork under the bows of classical architecture.Now though, you can access some of the world best galleries from the comfort of your own living room, as Sotheby’s steps into the digital age.

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The network is basically many short-ish videos from various galleries in major museums — not just images of art, so some good some bad news as to how useful.

Here is the actual network

Art work by the 1000’s

Once you have decided you want to show art work on your tv, once easy source is our WeLoveMuseums Digital Virtual Museum.  Go over to the WLM @ Home, sign up and select your image categories or artists. There are over 10,000 images of art from ancient Egypt to recent times divided into 300 categories.  Once you have created your profile, there is guidance for how to tie the image display to your device of choice.