DIY – Do it yourself

Art display, created from a low priced TV and Raspberry Pi computer

24 inch TV mounted on the wall
Raspberry Pi B+,
controlled using just wireless mouse.

These images show the parts of the system.  The RaspPi is actually mounted just below the TV and behind the mounting OR in the wall behind the TV,  depends on what is easiest and looks best.

Needed for the project:

  • Hardware
    1. TV screen with HDMI connection – $70 and up
    2. Raspberry PI B+ with Rasputian OS – $35-65 depending on case and power options
    3. Standard mouse – USB connection, $10 and up.
  • Software
    1. WLM@home image stream – Free at
    2. How setup the Raspberry Pi
    3. Wlm display tool – Contact us for questions –

The images are sourced from many possible locations, two are:

Wlm@Home – Digital Virtual Museum

Samsung Frame

The Samsung Frame is a high end, 4K tv in a picture frame mount.  It is an art device, similar to others, in that it has a tightly curated art selection, a paid service or your own photos.  Since it is a Samsung Smart TV, it can run any aps from the Samsung library.  Since the Smart TV is basically an android, some Android aps.

Down side of the Samsung Frame is that it is only available in 55″ and 65″, there by setting a price of $1,999 or up (list price, sales often at $1,799)

More details and reviews at:

Low cost large digital screen: NABI Big Tab

Nabi Big Tab is a 24 inch screen tablet for under $400.


More at:

The screen is mounted on a standup frame, that is on the heavy side, that still is mountable on a wall.

The Big Tab runs a kid friendly Android that can be unlocked into Mommy mode for running standard Android aps.

The downsides we are still exploring are: (1) it always starts in kid mode, (2) how to tag aps to run in Kids mode, (3) how to disable the wake up on local activities.  None of these are an issue for a public space, they are annoying when used at home.

There is also some question as to production availability – you need to go to NABI to determine current production.

How connect computer to TV display ?

For direct connections:

  • Older computer will have a VGA output and SOME tv’s have VGA input
  • Newer computers have HDMI output which will match the HDMI of most flat screen tv’s less then 4 years old

For wireless:
Google Chromecast works fairly well, with a few cavets:

  1. You need to have a the chomecast and computer on the same wifi subnet
  2. Your computer needs to be fairly recent and fast – chromecast software needs fast response
  3. Chromecast sw does not actually broadcast the whole screen, it requires enabled aps –  a browser or youtube are the best for computers, the browser has a full-screen mode.
  4. Google has more aps are so enabled for both IOS and Android devices

Other gadgets I have no experience with: (please send me comments)

If all those match, it’s a easy $35 device