How connect computer to TV display ?

For direct connections:

  • Older computer will have a VGA output and SOME tv’s have VGA input
  • Newer computers have HDMI output which will match the HDMI of most flat screen tv’s less then 4 years old

For wireless:
Google Chromecast works fairly well, with a few cavets:

  1. You need to have a the chomecast and computer on the same wifi subnet
  2. Your computer needs to be fairly recent and fast – chromecast software needs fast response
  3. Chromecast sw does not actually broadcast the whole screen, it requires enabled aps –  a browser or youtube are the best for computers, the browser has a full-screen mode.
  4. Google has more aps are so enabled for both IOS and Android devices

Other gadgets I have no experience with: (please send me comments)

If all those match, it’s a easy $35 device

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