Art work by the 1000’s

Once you have decided you want to show art work on your tv, once easy source is our WeLoveMuseums Digital Virtual Museum.  Go over to the WLM @ Home, sign up and select your image categories or artists. There are over 10,000 images of art from ancient Egypt to recent times divided into 300 categories.  Once you have created your profile, there is guidance for how to tie the image display to your device of choice.

How connect computer to TV display ?

For direct connections:

  • Older computer will have a VGA output and SOME tv’s have VGA input
  • Newer computers have HDMI output which will match the HDMI of most flat screen tv’s less then 4 years old

For wireless:
Google Chromecast works fairly well, with a few cavets:

  1. You need to have a the chomecast and computer on the same wifi subnet
  2. Your computer needs to be fairly recent and fast – chromecast software needs fast response
  3. Chromecast sw does not actually broadcast the whole screen, it requires enabled aps –  a browser or youtube are the best for computers, the browser has a full-screen mode.
  4. Google has more aps are so enabled for both IOS and Android devices

Other gadgets I have no experience with: (please send me comments)

If all those match, it’s a easy $35 device